Strength Improvement for the GaAs Thin Wafer

Hiep Pham, Chang-Hwang Hua

Skyworks Solutions, Inc., 1230 Bordeaux Drive,

Sunnyvale, CA 94089

Qiuliang Luo

Skyworks Solutions, Inc., 2427 W. Hillcrest Drive,

Newbury Park, CA 91320



In recent years, the pursuit of improving the wafer strength after thinning step has been an on going issue for the Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) wafer manufacturing. The improvement of wafer strength will significantly decrease the wafer breakage during demounting and cleaning. It is very critical to optimize the thinning process to minimize the mechanical stress sources. One obvious way to improve the strength of thin GaAs wafers is to apply a wet etching step after wafer grinding to remove the surface damage. This paper will discuss the improvement in wafer thinning and polishing processes developed at the Skyworks facilities.



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