Yield Enhancement Using Final Outgoing Automated Inspection System

Karen Lenaburg, Susan Valocchi, Jan Campbell

Motorola, Semiconductor Products Sector, Compound Semiconductor One, CS-1

2100 Elliot Rd, MD EL609, Tempe, AZ, 85284

Phone: 480.413.8086 Fax: 480.413.5748 Email: karen.lenaburg@motorola.com



Defectivity yield enhancement in GaAs manufacturing requires an accurate and repeatable process monitoring system. Manual inspections are not only unable to maintain both requirements, but also are more expensive over time. With that in mind CS-1 decided to implement an automated optical inspection system. Using the automated tool, the fab has been able to identify and resolve multiple defects caused by inline process variations, thus increasing and stabilizing the final yield. This paper explains the process of implementing this system and identifies both the difficulties and benefits involved.



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