Optimization of PHEMT for Microwave Power Applications

T. Baksht, S. Solodky, A. Khramtsov, * S. Hava * and Yoram Shapira


Faculty of Engineering,Tel Aviv University,Ramat Aviv,69978,Israel;

*Engineering Faculty,Ben-Gurion University of the Negev,Beer Sheva,84105,Israel;

Mark Leibovich and Gregory Bunin

Gal El (MMIC)P.O.B.330,Ashdod 77102,Israel



Keywords:PHEMT,breakdown,impact ionization, Design of Experiment



Optimization of PHEMTs for increasing their breakdown voltage and yield is an important manufacturing problem.A methodology,which enables controlling the safe operation area (SOA)of PHEMTs and tuning their layout parameters for yield improvement is presented.



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