Optical Device Wafer Manufacturing in an IC Foundry

Sam Wang, Guojin Feng, Peter Lao, Sangmin Lee, Sujane Wang, and Chanh Nguyen

Global Communication Semiconductors, Inc.

23155 Kashiwa Court, Torrance, CA 90505

TEL: 310-530-7274, FAX: 310-517-8200, email: scwang@gcsincorp.com


Key Words: Optoelectronics foundry, Optical devices, Photonics.



The new millennium marked the beginning of a long slump in the telecom market. Hardest hit was the optical fiber communication sector. Costs and performance finally replaced the hypes similar to the Dot Com fads to become the fundamentals of a successful business. Technology advancement and market pressure combined to create a timely survival kit for optoelectronics players: the foundry. In this paper, we present the methodology, practices, and results of optoelectronics foundry manufacturing services at GCS in a compound semiconductor IC fab environment.



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