High Power Ka Band PIN Diode Technology

B. Houli-Arbiv, G. Bunin, J. Kaplun, I. Hallakoun, T. Boterashvili, Y. Knafo,

A. Cohen-Nov, M. Leibovitch, B. Revzin

Gal-El (MMIC), POB 330 Ashdod 77102, Israel, email: bilha@is.elta.co.il, +972-8-8577304


Keywords: PIN diode, Breakdown Voltage, Isolation



A PIN diode process is described with over 70 volts breakdown voltage and a series resistance of 1.3 .. The integrated process includes thin film resistors that enable the design and realization of Ka-Band, non-reflective high power switches with on-chip terminations. An advanced top metal lithography is used with critical dimensions of a few microns for the implementation of fine elements such as Lange couplers, over a very aggressive topography of 6.5 m. The process flow enables both micro strip and co-planar (CPW) designs. S parameters of shunt micro-strip diodes were measured from 0 to 50 GHz. Insertion loss for the reverse biased shunt-diode were 0.2-0.4 dB and isolation over 24 dB at 20 mA forward bias (Fig. 4,5). The diodes were RF and DC tested at elevated temperatures, under high current stress. The results of the reliability tests are discussed.



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