High Bandwidth Devices: Faster Materialsversus Nanoscaled Si and SiGe

Jerry M Woodall

Department of Electrical Engineering

Yale University, P.O. Box 208284, New Haven, CT06520-8284

Phone: 203-432-4298, E-mail: jerry.woodall@yale.edu


Keywords: InAs, Si, high bandwidth




We explore the use of InAs as an alternative to nanoscaled Si for future generations of high bandwidth MOSFET-based circuits.InAs has a high electron mobility.Its vsat is theoretically 20 times higher than siliconís.Our modeling shows that an HBT could achieve fT and fmax approaching 1 THz for an emitter-base and collector-base dimension of 0.5 mm x 4.0 mm

(2 mm2).A simple MOSFET model predicts and fT of about 3 THz for a gate length of 0.1 mm.The model is consistent with known experimental measurements of InAs materials parameters.InAs technology may support ultra-fast devices at 90 nm and below, or performance at 90 nm comparable to strained Si and SiGe at 45 and 22 nm features.To support the integration of InAs devices with Si circuits, we are developing a high quality InAs epilayer technology using non-lattice-matched GaP substrates.


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