Evaluation of High Temperature Overmold Compounds for Manufacturing of Laminate Based Leadfree System in Package

Mohammed Wasef & Mike Anderson


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Keywords: Leadfree, Laminate, modules, Overmold Compounds, Moisture Absorption


The worldwide push for leadfree microelectronics has caused the industry to revamp its design, material selection, and manufacturing processes of its products. However, the needs of industry have surpassed the current lead free standards set up by organizations such as JEDIC. This paper looks into how ANADIGICS defined internal standards, reviewed customer needs and met them by using unique materials and processes prior to the release of leadfree standards for laminate based modules.


Laminate based system in package products, which combine assembly process and materials, historically, have been limited to meeting Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) 3 at 240oC. It is now possible to achieve this level at 260oC a temperature requested by customers for leadfree assembly. The use of lead free solders has caused a significant rise in the reflow temperatures of packages and has therefore prompted the need for high-temperature overmold compounds. The high temperature capabilities of several overmold compounds that could be used to encapsulate laminate based modules were evaluated.


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