Very Large Scale Electro-optical Device Process and Yield Challenges

Aviram Feingold, Daniel Majer, Arnon Arbel, Andrey Grinman, Marc Altman, Jeff Levy, Eyal Shekel

Chiaro Networks LTD, 5 Nahum Hefzadi St., Jerusalem 95484, Israel,, 972-6595539


Keywords: GaAs, waveguide, yield, switching time, stress, Te/TM ratio



We report on the fabrication of a high yield very large-scale elecgtro-optical GaAs-AlGaAs waveguide device, consisting of 18 beam deflectors with 128 waveguides in each deflector.  The waveguides and n-type ohmic contacts are connected via 2508 bumps to a ceramic carrier, using flip chip technology.  The carrier is also used as an optical bench for the optical components.


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