MMIC Compatible High Performance Lateral Deflection RF MEMS Switches

P. Chang-Chien, R. Stokes, R. Bhorania, J. Uyeda, M. Truong, K. Padmanabhan, A. Kong, R. Grundbacher, R., Lai and A. Oki

Northrop Grumann Space Technologuy, Redondo Beach, CA  90278

Tel: (310) 812-7432, Fax: (310)813-0418, Email:


Keywords: MEMS, MEMS Switch, RF MEMS, Lateral Deflection, Micromachined MEMS Switch, DC Contact Switch



A metal-to-metal contact, lateral deflection (LD) RF MEMS switch has demonstrated excellent RF performance and superior switching speed.  The switch operated from DC to 50 GHz with an average switching speed of less than 2ms under normal operation, and less than 1ms under “push-pull: operation.  Insertion loss of less than 0.2dB and isolation of greater than 33dB at 10GHz have been demonstrated for X-band operation.  For higher frequencies, insertion loss of less than 1dB and isolation of greater than 25dB have been demonstrated at 50GHZ.  The LD switches are fabricated in NGST’s 100mm MMIC production line with a RF functional yield of greater than 90%.


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