Junction Temperature and Thermal Resistance of Ultrafast Sub-micron InP/InGaAs SHBTs

Walid Hafez, Richard Eden*, Forest Dixon, and M. Feng

Department of Electrical and Computer engineering, University of Illinois Micro and Nanotechnology Laboratory, 208 N. Wright Street, Urbana, IL  61801

*Technology Applications, Briarcliff, Texas

Phone: (217)333-4048, e-mail: whafex@uiuc.edu


Keywords: HBT, InP, junction temperature, reliability, thermal resistance



This work reports experimental data for the thermal resistance and unction temperature of high-performance InP/InGaAs single heterojunction bipolar transistors (SHBTs).  The effects of device scaling and layer epitaxial design are investigated, and a theoretical model is developed to examine the results


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