Improvement of Substrate Related Uniformity of AlGaN/GaN HEMP Epi Wafers on f3 Sapphire and SiC Substrates Grown by Multi-charged Large MOVPE Reactor

Takeshi Tanaka 1), Yoshiharu Koji2), Takeshi Meguro3) and Yohei Otoki2)

1)Compound Semiconductor Dept., Materials Technology Research Center, Hitachi Cable, Ltd.

2)Semiconductor Engineering Dept., Takasago Works, Hitachi Cable, Ltd.

3)Semiconductor Production Dept., Takasago Works, Hitachi Cable, Ltd.

Isagozawa 880, Hitachi City, Ibaraki, Japan

Phone: +81-294-42-5071 / Fax: +81-294-42-6410 / Email:


Keywords: Epitaxy, AlGaN, GaN, HEMT, MOVPE



Feasibility study on growth of uniform AlGaN/GaN HEMT epi wafers in a multi-charged MOVPE system was performed. Modification on the contact of sapphire substrates with the system susceptor had a significant effect on controlling a factor that dominates the trend of sheet resistance variation. Multiple 3-inch HEMT epi growth was carried out and sheet resistance uniformity of less than 1% (sigma/average) was achieved.



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