Uniform InP/InGaAs SHBT Fabrication Using ICP emitter Etching on 4-inch Wafers

Sangmin Lee, Javier Fierro, Sonja Nedeljkovic, Amal Weththasingha, Nguyen Nguyen and Chanh Nguyen


Global Communikcation Semiconductors, Inc

23155 Kashiwa Court, Torrance, CA  90505

Email: slee@gcsincorp.com; Phone: 310-530-7274 x136


Keywords: InP/InGaAs HBT, ICP etch, SHBT device, uniformity, manufacturability



In this paper, we report manufacturable InP/InGaAs HBT fabrication technology using Cl2 based Inductively coupled plasma etching (ICO) for Emitter mesa formation.  For comparison, we also fabricated devices with wet etched Emitter mesa, which is so far GCS’s base line HBT process.  Dry etched Emitter devices show better uniformity, lower Emitter resistance, higher ft and comparable Emitter Base junction leakage current.  The Emitter mesa undercut from SEM pictures was about half of wet etched emitter.  This process will lead us to a reliable and reproducible InP HBT process with extreme lateral scaling of devices for ultra high speed ec fabrication.



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