Low Temperature High Density Highly Uniform SicN4 Technology for Passive and Active Devices in MMMIC Applications

K. Elgaid, H. Zhou, C.D.W. Wilkinson, I.g. Thayne

Nanoelectronics Research Centre, Department of Electronics and Elecytrical Engineering

University of Glasgow, Glasgow, G12 8LT, Scotland, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 141 330 6678, Fax +44 141 330 4907, e-mail: kelgaid@elec.gla.ac.uk



Keywords: Device Technology, Processing, SiGe MODFETs, Si3N4



In this work a novel, high quality, high-density, 100% yield, deposited at room temperature ultra thin 5nm Si3N4 Metal Insulator Metal (MIM) capacitor process for Monolithic Millimeter-wave Integrated Circuits (MMMICs) applications is demonstrated using inductively coupled plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition technique (ICP-CVD). Capacitance of 6.7fF/mm2 and a breakdown electric field of more than 3x106Vcm-1 were achieved.  RF characterization and equivalent circuits models were extracted which showed an increase in capacitance per area by more than thirteen fold and reduction in RF loss as silicon nitride thickness reduced from 120nm to 5nm.  Comparison with high temperature conventional 300oC PDCVD Si3N4 was also investigated, a comparable breakdown voltage, and leakage current was observed.  We also present DC and RF results on 70nm T-gate SiGe MIS gate MODFETs using novel Si3N deposited at 22oC and lift-off techniques gate dielectric contact and its performance compared with devices made on the same chip using standard Schottky contact.  This 5nm Si3N4   gate dielectric enhanced the performance of gate leakage current and breakdown voltage.



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