Advanced InP Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors with Implanted Subcollector

C.H. Fields, M. Sokolich, D. Chow, R. Rajavel, M. Chen, D. Hitko, Y. Royter, and S. Thomas III

HRL Laboratories, LLC

3011 Malibu Canyon road

Malibu, CA91301 / 1-310-317-5706


Keywords: Implanted, Subcollector, HBT, Heterojunction, Bipolar, Transistor



We present the results of an InP HBT device development process.We have developed a new HBT device fabrication approach that represents a major departure from traditional compound semiconductor manufacturing techniques.The new generation of deep submicron InP-based HBTs presented here uses an ion implanted subcollector and offers significantly improved performance, integration, and device reliability over traditional mesa isolated devices.We have fabricated both SHBT and DHBT selectively ion implanted subcollector InP HBT devices with Ftís greater than 260GHz.


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