Recombination Investigation of InGaP HBTís

B.-K. Han, A. Wibowo, V. Tu, G. Du, and N. Pan

MicroLink Devices, 6457 Howard Street, Niles, IL60201, USA

E-mail: Phone: (847)588-3001


Keywords: InGaP, Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor, Recombination, Burn-in, Reliability



We demonstrated InGaP/GaAs herojunction bipolar transistors (HBTs) with very low burn-in and high b/RsB ratios by optimization of emitter and base properties in in situ annealing.Some HBTís exhibited b/RsB rations of 0.47 and less than 5% burn-in.the recombination analysis of the devices revealed that the emitter and emitter-base junction were unaffected from the burn-in reduction annealing.The devices were ten stressed at Tj = 210oC and current density, 12.5 kA/cm2 for 48 hours.The devices that were carefully optimized showed very little degradation on gain and base-emitter junctions.Some devices showed more pronounced degradation on emitter-base junction, that were similar to Gummel curves of an early stage of failed devices during the DC accelerated lifetime test.



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