A Field Plate Device by Self-Aligned Spacer Process


Ellen Lan, *Scott Klingbeil, *Paul Fisher, Bruce Green, Philip Li, Olin Hartin, Chuck Weitzel, Eric Johnson, Monica C De Baca, and **Ha Le,


Motorola Inc., Microwave and Mixed Signal Technologies Lab, *CS1 fab, **Physical Analysis Lab, SPS

2100 East Elliot Road, MD EL 720, Tempe, AZ  85284, USA

Phone (480) 413-4128, Fax: (480-413-4453, Email: ellen.lan@motorola.com


Keywords : Field plate, breakdown, self-aligned spacer, GaAs pHEMT



A self-aligned spacer processing method was successfully developed and integrated to Motorola’s pHEMT process flow to make a field plate pHEMT device.  This process method ensures registration requirement of less than 0.4 mm between field plate and gate is met. The fabricated field plate pHEMT device exhibited improved gate-drain breakdown voltage compared to the non field plate device, 47 V versus 39 V.  In addition, preliminary RF data on a 12.6 mm field plate connected to the source device at 3.5 GHz showed 39.8 dBm output power with11.8 dB associated power gain and 57.2% power added efficiency when biased at 16 V. 


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