Cost Effective T-Gate Process for PHEMT-based MMIC with Large Gate Periphery

B.Hadad2*, I. Toledo2, G. Bunin1, J. Kaplun1, M. leibovitch1, Shapira2, H. Knafo2

1Gal-El (MMIC), P.O.B. 330, Ashdod 77102, Israel, Tel. +972-8-8572739

*Corresponding autor email:

2Department of Physical Electronics, Faculty of Engineering, Tel-Aviv University, Ramat-Aviv 69978, Israel


Keywords: PHEMT, T-Gate, PMGI, trilayer resist, Ar+ ion beam treatment



One of the major yield killers of power-amplifier PHEMT-based MMICs is fabricating a T-shaped gate with gate periphery of several tens of mm.  We have investigated a novel PMMA/PMGI/PMMA tri-layer resist scheme for T-Gate definition of PHEMTs with 0.25mm gate length and in-situ Ar+ ion beam treatment before gate evaporation as methods for eliminating this problem.  We intend to extend this technology for devices with shorter gate length (Lg).


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