Commercial Applications for GaAs Millimeter Wave MMICs

Gailon E. Brehm, Dan L. Green, Larry J. Mowatt

TriQuint Semiconductor Texas, 500W Renner Road, Richardson Tx, 75080, 972-994-3896, 972-994-8575,, 972-994-8287


Keywords: Millimeter wave radio, SatCom Automotive Radar, E-band, Ku-band, Ka-Band



To date, high-volume commercial applications for GaAs MMICs have been centered around low frequency applications, (<3 GHz) such as cellular phone and WLAN.  Additionally, high-performance military phased array radar systems (C-band through-Ku-Band) represent another high-volume application for GaAs MMICs.  There are several other current and emerging commercial applications for millimeter wave MMICs including digital radio RF transceivers, VSAT ground terminal transceivers and electronics for automotive radar applications.  None of these applications independently rival the market revenue generated by cellular phone and WLAN applications, but in aggregate, create an excellent opportunity for millimeter wave MMIC suppliers.  This paper will describe the current and emerging commercial applications for millimeter wave MMICs.  An overview of market conditions, key requirements and packaging expectations will be discussed for each area.


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