Development and Transition-to-Production of a High-volume Ka-Band
SATCOM Outdoor Unit (ODU) Transmit Module

Roberto Alm, Ph.D.

Technical Director; mm-Wave Module Technology

Raytheon RF Components; Andover, Massachusetts U.S.A.

E-Mail:  Telephone: 978-684-5450


Keywords: GaAs MMIC, Ka-Band, Transition-to-Production



This paper describes the design, development and transition to production of a GaAs MMIC-based Ka-Band commercial transmitter module as a demonstration of the techniques that were employed to successfully integrate Ka-Band GaAs MMIC technology into a high-volume commercial application.  The end product is an up-link transmitter for a 30 GHz Commercial European Satellite System ground terminal that is presently being deployed in Europe.  We describe the “lessons learned” in implementing high-frequency (Ka-Band) GaAs MMIC technology into products designed for high-volume manufacturing.  Emphasis is placed on the design approach required to implement commercially available Ka-Band MMIC devices, and what was done to make the design consistent and manufacturable in high-volume.  Further emphasis is placed on what techniques were used to minimize cost, and on what can be done in future designs to improve perform ace, increase manufacturing margins, and further reduce cost.


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