The Implementation of Autonomous Maintenance

(Part 1 in a series of the Total Productive Manufacturing Experience)

James Day, Davaid Troy, Darryl Heller

ANADIGICS Inc., 141 Mt. Bethel Road, Warren, NJ 07059.  Phone: 908-668-5000



To improve overall cost management by increasing equipment efficiency and cycle time, ANADIGICS has begun implementation of a manufacturing methodology known as Total Productive Manufacturing (TPM).  Improvements in equipment efficiency are obtained by systematically identifying and reducing all forms of loss on a piece of equipment.  TPM identifies sixteen types of losses, which fall under the categories of equipment, people, material and safety.  The measurement used to characterize the losses and thus measure the improvement is Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE).  OEE integrates all aspects of tool maintenance and operation, including equipment downtime, operator efficiency, and output quality.



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