Manufacturing Excellence in a Compound Semiconductor Fabrication Facility

Eugene Huang, Charles Dell, James Ploeger

Motorola Semiconductor Products Sector

Compound Semiconductor One: CS-1

2100 East Elliot Road, Mail Drop EL609, Tempe, AZ  85284

Phone: 480-413-6370, FAX: 480-413-5748, Email:



Motorola’s 150mm Compound Semiconductor One (CS-1) fabrication facility serves as both a production and a development factory.  It currently can provide a plethora of technologies; whether it is MESFET, pHEMT, HBT or HIGFET devices.  The principles that CS-1’s Manufacturing team is guided by are 1) Speed of Execution and 2) High Quality.  By adhering to these two principles, manufacturing can impact both the financial “top line” (sales / revenue) as well as the “bottom line” (sales minus operating expenses).  This paper will focus on CS-1’s speed of execution and the various ways that it was enhanced.


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