A DOE Approach to Product Qualification For Linear Handset Power Amplifiers

P.J. Zampardi, D. Nelson, P. Zhu, C. Luo, S. Rohlfing, and A. Jayapalan

Skyworks Solutions Inc., 2427 W. Hillcrest Dr., MS 889-A02, Newbury Park, CA  91320; (805) 480-4728




Keywords: HBT, Power Amplifier, Design of Experiments, Manufacturability



Variation in starting wafer material impacts yield and performance of linear power amplifiers for handset applications.  This work presents a design of experiment approach for evaluating circuit sensitivities based on epi material variations that can be used for product qualification.  This approach provides a systematic understanding of how the epi material influences the final product performance and allows expected parametric spread to be predicted accurately with a minimal number of wafers.  As a result, product performance distributions can be quickly and accurately determined in the development phase of a product.



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