Manufacturable GaN HEMP RF Power Technology for Wireless Infrastructure Applications

David Grider, Joe Smart, Ramakrishna Vetury, Mary Young, Jon Dick, Bill Delaney, Yinbao Yang, Tom Mercier, Shawn Gibb, Chris Palmer, Brook Hose, Kent Leverich, Naiqian Zhang, Jeff Shealy, Matthew Poulton, Brian Sousa, and David Schnaufer

RF Micro Devices, Infrastructure Product Line

10420-A Harris Oaks Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28269

Phone: (704) 319-2005, E-mail:


Keywords : Gallium Nitride, GaN HEMT, Wide Bandgap, RF Power Amplifier



This presentation will focus on the development of a manufacturable Gallium Nitride  High Electron Molbility Transistor (GaN HEMT) RF power technology that is suitable for wireless infrastructure applications, specifically base transceiver stations (BTS).  This will include virtually all aspects of this technology including GaN HEMT material growth, device characterization, thermal management, circuit considerations, and, perhaps most importantly, GaN HEMT device reliability.


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