Low Noise – High Power GaN HEMT Technology for Mixed Mode Applications

T. Quach, R.C. Fitch, J. Gillespie, T. Jenkins, R. Neidhard, E.B. Nykiel, G.D. Via, P. Watson and J. Wiedemann

Air Force Research Laboratory, 2241 Avionics Circle, Bldg 620, Wright-{Patterson AFB, Ohio 45433

Phone: 9327-255-1874x3468, Email: tony.Quach@wpafb.af.mil


Keywords: GaN HEMT, Low Noise Amplifier, Power Amplifier



This paper describes the first successful demonstration of a low DC power dissipation low noise amplifier (LNA) and a corresponding high power amplifier (HPA) at X-Band using a 0.32 mm X 300 mm GaN HEMT device.  The low noise amplifier’s measured performance shows a low DC power dissipation of 7.5 mW with 1.7 dB noise figure, 8 dB gain, and 17.7 dBm third order intercept point at 8l5 GHz.  The power amplifier using the same device type achieved 30.9 dBm output power, 8 dB gain, and 39% PAE at 10 GHz.



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