High Temperature Resistant Adhesive for Wafer Thinning and Backside Processing


John Moorea, Alexander Smitha, David Nguyenb, and Sudhakar Kulkarnicc

aGeneral Chemical West, LLC, Electronic Materials Group, 22340 Bert Drive, Hollister, CA  95023

Phone: (831) 630-6202, Email: jmoore@genchemcorp.com, (831) 630-6208, Email: acsmith@genchemcorp.com


bMicrosemi Corporation, 11861 Western Avenue, Garden Grove, CA 92841

Phone : (714) 372-8327, Email : davidnguyet@microsemi.com


cIntel Corporation, 5000 W. Chandler Blvd., Chandler, AZ  85226

Phone: (480) 554-4750, Email: sudhakar.n.kulkarni@intel.com


Keywords: Thermoset, Demount, Planarization, TTV



Wafer backside processing steps that include high temperature exposure may now be simplified with the use of a thermally resistant adhesive, GentakTa330. 1  Processing at temperature of 200oC and beyond are accepted to include plasma etching, deposition, and the curing of related polymers, such as BCB. 2  By combining the thermoset properties of GenTakTM, there is no need to separate the substrate from the carrier until backside processing is complete.  Application and mounting times within 30 minutes, outgassing at <1%, and demount and cleaning in a few hours, qualify this adhesive as an aid to manufacturing


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