InAlAs/GaAsSb/InP DHBTs grown by Production MBE

H.J. Zhu, J.M. Kuo, P. Pinsukanjana, X.J. Jin, K. Vargason, M. Herrera, D. Ontiveros, C. Boehme, and Y.C. Kao

Intelligent Expitaxy Technology, Inc., 1250 E. Collins Blvd., Richardson, TX 75081, USA

E-mail:, Phone: 972-234-0068 x228


Keywords: InP, GaAsSb, DHBT, MBE, multi-wafer production, in-situ sensors



We investigate the growth of GaAsSb base DHBTs with InAlAs emitter. The epi materials are grown using 4 x 4 multi-wafer production MBE system fully equipped with real-time in-situ sensors such as absorption band edge spectroscopy (ABES) and optical-based flux monitor (OFM). State-of-the-art hole mobilities are obtained from 100 nm thick carbon-doped GaAsSb. Sb composition variation of less that + 0.1 atomic percentage across a 4 x 4 platen configuration has been achieved. Large area InAlAs/GaAsSb/InP DHBT device with excellent DC characteristics such as BVCEO>6 V, and DC current gain of 45 at 1kA/cm2 are obtained with 40 nm thick GaAsSb base at 4.5e19cm-3 doping. These results demonstrate the feasibility of multi-wafer MBE for mass production of GaAsSb based HBTs


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