A Reproducible, High Yield, Robust Wet Etch Etch-Stop Process Using Organic Acid Peroxide Solutions

Frank Spooner, William Quinn, Larry Hanes, Sarah Woolsey, Kim Smith, Jerry Mason

Skyworks Solutions, Inc., 20 Sylvan Road, Woburn, MA USA 01801

Phone: 781.376.3193, e-mail: frank.spooner@skyworksinc.com

Vinay Kulkarni, University of Massachusetts Lowell, Lowell, MA, USA


Keywords: uniformity, stability, selectivity, etch pits, GaAs, p-HEMT



Continuous improvement has been key to the successful wet etch etch-stop process at Skyworks Solutions. Three conditions: device dimensions, etch chemistry, and etch tool directly affected the etched depth uniformity across a wafer. An unusual failure mechanism of the etch stop process was discovered while investigating a range of over etched devices. This failure mechanism was a perforation mode which standard profilometry would not reveal. The paper will show how the etch uniformity and yield is impacted by device geometry, etch chemistry, etch tool and surface pitting.


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