Trends and Opportunities for Gallium Arsenide Semiconductors in Handsets   

Paul J. Augustine
RF Micro Devices,
7628 Thorndike Road,
Greensboro, NC 27409  phone: 336.931.8132

Rf Micro Devices,  Greensboro, NC products is largely driven by the handset industry.  Specifically within the handset space, GaAs products are mostly prolific in power amplifier (PA), switch, and small-signal amplifier applications.  The PA segment drives roughly ninety percent of this demand, thus tending to be the most competitive segment for compound semiconductor products in handsets.  During the last several years GaAs based Pas have gained market share over silicon competition due to several factors.  In this paper, these factors are briefly discussed.  Dramatic changes in cost and integration are noted as the adoption of GaAs base Pas has continued to increase.  Next, this paper reviews future handset trends that will drive front0end component requirements.  Finally, the next series of critical success factors necessary to drive GaAs demand growth are identified.  

Keywords: GaAs, handsets, power amplifiers, switches, HBT

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