Moving Past the Hype: Real Opportunities for Wide Bandgap Compound Semiconductors in RF Power Markets

S. McGrath, T. Rodle
Philips Semiconductors,
Gerstweg 2, 6534 AE Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Phone: +31-24-353 2789, email:

Recent advances in wide band gap research give confidence that devices based on GaN technology can outperform incumbent Si LDMOS technology for the base station high power amplifier application.  The remaining technical challenges can be resolved within a 3 years timeframe.  The base station power amplifier market is characterized by medium-sized volume and sustainable price erosion up to 20% p.s.  In order to drive costs down this specific technology-market requires forming cooperative ways of working that will allow success in the marketplace as well. 

Keywords:  RF power, cellular base station, LDMOS, GaN, GaAs, market opportunity

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