Low Energy Sputter Deposition and Properties of NiCr Thin film Resistors for GaAs Integrated Circuits

Jinhong Yang, Paul Miller, Fabian Radulescu, Ron Herring, Kamal Avala, Debra Maxwell, Li Liu, and Richard Morton,  
TriQuint Semiconductor, 2300 NE Brookwood Pkwy, Hillsboro, OR 97124,
Email: jyang@tqs.com    Phone: (503) 615-9244

This paper presents a comprehensive study of NiCr thin film resistors developed using a Trikon Sigma sputtering system on 150 mm wafers.  The effects of sputtering process parameters and substrate conditions on resistivity and temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) are discussed.  A low energy deposition process with low power and high pressure has been developed to avoid NiCr thin film resistor edge oxidation and achieve high sheet resistance uniformity and low TCR. 

Keywords:  NiCr, TCR, and Thin Film Resistors

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