Large Area Silicon Carbide Power Devices on 3-inch Wafers and Beyond

J.W. Palmour, A. Agarwal, S.-H. Ryu, M. Das, J. Sumakeris, and A. Powell 
Cree, Inc.  4600 Silicon Drive., Durham, NC  27703
Phone: (919) 313-5646  Email:

Significant progress has been achieved in making large (3 inch and 100 mm) 4H-Sic substrates with much lower micropipe defect densities.  With the recent availability of high quality 3 inch 4H-SiC substrates, the demonstration of large area power devices have been made possible in SiC Schottky diodes, PiN diodes, and thyristors. SiC Schottky diodes with a 1200 V rating have been achieved with 50 A forward currents.  SiC PiN diodes have been demonstrated with10kV blocking voltages and current ratings of 50 A, with no forward voltage degradation over time.  The largest devices to date have been 1770 V 4H-SiC thyristors that are 1 cm x 1 cm, with a forward current of 300 A. 

Keywords:  SiC, Power, Substrates, Schottky Diode, PiN Diode, Thyristor

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