Issues in Scaling Production Nitride MBE Systems

M. O'Steen, M. Sheldon, R. Bresnahan, T. Bird, and D.W. Gotthold* 
Process Integration Center,
Veeco Instruments Inc.  4900 Constellation Drive, St. Paul, MN  55127 
Email: (651) 482-0800

In recent years, gallium nitride-based (GaN) electronics have shown great promise for high-power RF devices in university and industrial research laboratories.  Single-wafer molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) systems have been the preferred epitaxial tools for growing these electronic materials.  However, moving these GaN-based devices into high-volume production requires uniform, repeatable growth on large (100mm) substrates.  This presentation will address the issues involved in scaling MBE growth of nitrides from single-wafer R&D demonstrations up to production on multiple 100mm wafers. 

Keywords:  MBE, GaN, HEMT

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