InSb-based Quantum Well Transistors for Ultra-High Speed, Low Power Applications

T. Ashley*, A.R. Barnes*, L. Buckle*, S. Datta#, A.B. Dean* M.T. Emeny*, M. Fearn*, G.D. Hayes*, K.:. Hilton*, R. Jefferies*, T. Martin*, K.J. Nash*, T.J. Phillips*, W.H.A. Tang* and R. Chau#

*QinetiQ, Malvern Technology Center, St. Andrews Rd. Malvern, WR14 3PS, UK

#Intel Corporation, Components Research, Logic Technology Development,
Hillsbors, OR 97124, USA

InSb-based quantum well field-effect transistors with gate length down to 0.1 m are fabricated for the first time. Room temperature electron mobilities of over 30,000 cm2V-1S-1 are achieved with sheet carrier density greater than 1x1012 cm-2, 0.1 m gate length devices exhibit DC transconductance of 775 mS/mm with good output conductance and breakdown characteristics. RF measurements who an fT of 210 GHz at Vps=0.5 V. Benchmarking against the state-of-the-art Si MOSFETs indicates that InSb QW transistors can achieve equivalent high speed performance with 5-10 times lower DC power dissipation, and, thus, can be a promising device technology to complement scaled silicon based devices for very low power, ultra-high speed logic applications.

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