The Effects of Hydrogen Bromide and Argon-Hydrogen on the Plasma Processing on the Surface Structure of HgCdTe

A.J. Stolz1, E.P.G. Smith2, J.D. Benson1, J.B. Varesi1, G.M. Venzor2, M.Devre3, J.I. Shin3, P.R. Boyd4, H.J. Dinan1

2-Raytheon Vision Systems, Inc.
3-Unaxis USA, Inc
4-U.S. Army Research Laboratory

Argon/hydrogen gas chemistry has been the basis for HgCdTe and CdTe plasma processing.  This paper examines the effects that Argon/hydrogen plasma have on the crystalline surface structure of HgCdTe, CdZnTe, and CdTe using in-vacco Reflection high energy electron diffraction (RHEED).  This paper also examines the effects that HBr, since the wet chemical etching of HgCdTe systems is based on bromine, in an attempt improve flexibility of HgCdTe an CdTe plasma processing. 

Keywords:  ICP, ecR, HBr, HREED, HgCdTe

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