Stepper-Based Integrated Process on Wafer Pieces

A. Cohen-Nov, V. Krasniansky, G. Buinin, J. Kaplun, L. Ortenberg and R. Ben-Or  GAL-EL (MMIC) P.O. Box 330, Ashdod 77102, Israel

 High-cost compound semiconductors involve complicated technological development.  Using pieces of a whole wafer allows performing the R&D process in a cost-effective way.  We developed a method for the processing a piece of wafer using standard manufacturing equipment.  This method provides the benefits of high-resolution and superior alignment capability of a stepper with the low-cost advantages of working with wafer pieces that normally cannot be exposed in a stepper.  This article describes what we do in order to allow processing of mounted InP piece in regular FAB equipment. 

Keywords:  Pieces, Wafer fragments, Stepper, Permanent mounting, InP

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