Micro-Hall Devices: A Tool for Investigating Process Dependent Noise Sources in Planar III-V Heterostructure Devices

Vincent Mosser and Alexandre Kerlain
 Itron France, 50 Avenue Jean Jaures, F-92120 Montrouge, France 
Email: vincent.mosser@itron.com Phone: +33 (0) 146 00 6674

We promote here the use of cross-shaped 4-terminal devices (Hall crosses) to measure LF noise spectra in planar technologies.  The implementation of this method and its advantages over conventional methods are described.  The method is then used to extract information on the energetic as well as spatial location of a trap in Metal-Insulator-Semiconductor P-HEMT hetero-structures.  This method is also of special interest for the characterization of devices based on less-mature materials such as AlGaN/GaN or SiC, as it provides a robust, simple mean for performing noise spectroscopy. 

Keywords:  GaAs, III-V, PHEMT, LF noise, noise spectroscopy

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