0.15m Power pHEMT Manufacturing Technology for Ka-and Q- Band MMIC Power Amplifiers

Sabyasachi Nayak, Ming-Yih Kao, Aimee Bross, Shuoqi Chen, Qinghui Wang, Sean Hillyard, Andrew Ketterson, Kenneth Decker, Joseph Delkaney, and Keith Salsman
TriQuint Semiconductor, Richardson, TX 75080 USA, SNAYAK@TQTX.COM

TriQuint Semiconductor, Texas has developed a very reproducible, high yield, and high reliability, 0.15 m power pHEMT technology with state-of-the-art power performance of MMIC Pas for Ka- to Q- band. Careful design of epitaxial structures and optimization of critical processing steps have achieved high performance and high yield. Using this technology, a compact 2W MMIC at 32-38 GHz (TGA4516, 4-mil), 3.5W MMIC at 35 GHz (TGA4517, 2-mil) and 2W MMIC at 45 GHz (TGA4046, 4 mil) have been designed and produced. In this paper we report our fabrication process, device characteristics and MMIC RF performance Ka- and Q- band.

Keywords: power amplifier, GaAs, PHEMT, MMIC, KA-BAND, Q-BAND, MILLIMETER-WAVE

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