High Frequency Power Metamorphic HEMT

C.W. Whelan, K. Herrick, J. Lorache, K.W. Brown, F. Rose, Y. Zhang, P. Balas, R.E. Leoni III, W.E. Hoke, S. Lichwala, J. Kotce, T.E. Kazior

Raytheon RF Components, 362 Lowell St. Andover, MA  01810, cwhelan@raytheon.com

By tailoring the device’s material, geometry and processing, our device designers have fabricated a state-of-the-art high frequency Metamorphic HEMT device with a Gmax of 12 db, a power density of 360 mW/mm, and PAEs exceeding 30% at 95 GHz.  This device had been utilized to create a range of W-band amplifiers with excellent performance, including a 266 mW PA operating at 90 GHZ.

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