Development of L-band 28V Operation GaAs FET and Optimization for Mass Production

H. Haematsu, T. Igarashi, F. Yamaki, A. Nitta, K. Inoue and H. Kawata
Eudyna Devices Inc., Device Process Technology Group, 1000 Kamisukiawara, Showa-Chou Nakakoma-gun Yamanashi-ken 409-3883, Japan
Phone: +81-55-275-4411, email:

We developed L-band FET for 28 V operation and succeeded its mass-production. A main feature of the FET structure is the asymmetrically extended (gamma-shaped) gate. By controlling the deviation of gate fabrication process within 0.1m, the high repeatability is achieved. The average BVgdo of 80.5 V with a standard deviation of 1.4 V are obtained both within lots and across wafer runs. The developed high power push-pull FET achieves 250 W(54 dBm) output power, 15.5 dB linear gain and 25% drain efficiency at 2.14 GHz. In addition, the device shows excellent reliability with estimated MTTF of greater than 4x106 hours at Tch of 145 deg-C.

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