Reliability Evaluation of InGaAsN for PA Handset Applications

Lanse Rushing, Pete Zampardi and Mike Sun,
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
2427 Hillcrest Drive, Newbury Park, CA  91320 
Phone: 805-480-4600, Email:

Roger Welser 
Kopin Corp.,
695 Miles Standish Blvd., Taunton, MA 02780 
Phone: 508-824-6696, Email:

An initial assessment of the reliability of InGaP/InGaAsN transistors was investigated in order to evaluate this new material system for cell phone applications.  The investigation consisted of single temperature HTOL with a modest case temperature of 200oC, Vcc of 5.0V, and a current density of 25kA/cm2.  InGaP/InGaAsN variants and InGaP/GaAs controls were stressed at the same time.  The failure mode for both the InGaP/InGaAsN and InGaP/GaAs transistors was identified through IV characterization as Beta degradation due to an increase in Ib.  All other device parameters are stable.  The Beta degradation data was used to construct a probability plot.  The InGap/InGaAsN transistors had greater or comparable reliability to the control population, thus indicating that this material has sufficient reliability for cell phone applications. 

Keywords:  InGaAsN, GAIN, HBT, Reliability

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