Manufacturing Engineered wafers for GaN RF power applications

Philippe Bove Hacene Lahreche, Julien Thuret, Fabrice Letertre, Bruce Faure  
Picogiga Int., Place Marcel Rebuffat, 91971
Courtaboeuf, France:

Soitec S.A., Parc Technologique des Fontaines, 38926 Crolles Cedex, France:

In this paper we present recent material advances developed on the MBE growth of GaN on high resistivity low cost Si substrates (up to 4 Inches).  The recent results achieved by the GaN HEMT on Silicon in term of RF performances and reliability, bring Picogiga material as the state of the art.  In combination with our MBE technology, engineered substrates using Smart CutTM technology have been developed to improve the thermal dissipation and RF performances.  The Smart CutTM approach allows the transfer a thin layer of one material onto a base substrate of another material to combine their properties in order to overcome specific limitations for advanced applications.

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