Cross-functional Optimization of Backside Metal Adhesion to GaAs

H. Knoedler, A. Aleman, E. Babcock, P. Bal, S. Canale, B. Darley, N. Ebrahimi, Q. Luo, S. Mony, Y. Recsei, J. Riege, J. Sawyer*, S. Tiku, D. Zapp  
Sun, Skyworks Solutions, Inc. 2427 Hillcrest Drive, Newbury Park, CA  91320  *Formerly of Skyworks Solutions, Inc., (805)480-4549

A cross-functional team was formed to investigate backside metal adhesion as die sizes shrunk in Skyworks’ Newbury Park fab.  Areas examined included wafer thining, pre-seed surface treatment, metallization, UV tape exposure and storage, and die pick parameters.  By making improvements in these areas, the GaAs-backside metal interface strength was increased to more than 1800g, as measured by a pull test, even for small die sizes. 

Keywords:  backside, adhesion, metallization, UV tape, die shrink, through wafer via

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