Yield Improvement of Wafer Mapping the Polarization Correction in InP/InGaAsP WDM Optical Power Monitors

Denis P. Masson and Fang Wu 
MetroPhotonics Inc.,
1877 St. Joseph Boul., Ottawa, Ontario Canada, K1C 7J2

We describe how a careful analysis of Photo-Luminescence, Mis-Match and Thicknesses in epitaxial layers that form the passive optical waveguide of a fully integrated Optical Power Monitor, can be used to eliminate yield losses from polarization dependant frequency shifts.  The element which corrects polarization shifts, the compensator, is a prism like feature etched into a key epitaxial layer.  Its shape can be adjusted for different dies according to the radial distributions found in the epitaxial layers from PL and X-ray mis-match maps.  Yield losses from polarization dependant shifts are decreased from 90% to practically ~0% 

Keywords:  InP, InGaAsP, Optical Power Monitor, WDM, PL, XRD

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