Reliability characterization of high density Metal-Insuslator-Metal Capacitors (MIMCAP) fabrication by depositing Silicon Nitride using PecVD in Compound Semiconductor Manufacturing

Bhola N. De, Mohsen Shokrani 
ANADIGICS, Inc., 141 Mount Bethel Road, Warren, NJ  07920 

To shrink the size of a die, we have developed high density MIMCAP process for our next generation RFIC products.  Using an optimized PecVD process for silicon nitride deposition, we have determined the median time to failure (MTTF) of MIM capacitors using two different electrical tests, Ramp Voltage and Time Dependent Dielectric Breakdown (TDDB).  Both of these tests were relatively quick.  The TDDB test required small number of samples.  We have compared these lifetimes of MIM capacitirs from two different methods at lower operating voltages. 

Keywords:  Reliability, Process, Deposition, Capacitor, MIMCAP, PecVD

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