Performance and Fabrication of GaN/AlGaN Power MMIC at 10 GHz

F. Benkhelifa, R. Kiefer, S. Muller, F. van Raay, R. Quay, R.E. Sah, M. Dammann, M. Mikulla, G. Weimann

Franhofer Institute for Applied Solid State Physics (IAF), tullastrasse 72, D-79108 Freiburg, Germany 

High performance and fabrication of a coplanar 2 stage power amplifier based on a GaN/AlGaN HEMT technology on 2-inch SiC substrate has been realized.  At 10 GHz the coplanar MMIC delivers a maximum output power of 13.4 W, measured on wafer in pulsed mode, a linear gain of  20 dB and a maximum PAE of  25% at a Vps bias of 35 V and compression level of 5 db.  The yield of the MMICs across 2-inch wafer is 65%. 

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