Mass-Production of High-Voltage GaAs and GaN Devices


Eizo Mitani, Hitoshi Haematsu, Shigeru Yokogawa, Junichiro Nikaido and Yasunori Tateno


Eudyna Devices Inc. Yamanashi Plant,

1000, Kamisukiawara, Showa-cho, Nakakoma-gun, Yamanashi, 409-3883, JAPAN

E-mail :, Phone : +81-55-275-4411



Keywords: High-Voltage GaAs FET, GaN HEMT, mass-production



We have developed 28V-operation high voltage GaAs and 50V-operation GaN devices and successfully moved to mass-production. Our flexible wafer process line utilizing Light-Wave products process line can handle small size SiC wafers the same as the matured 4-inch GaAs wafer process line. The device performance of high Voltage GaAs and GaN devices from mass-production line is well controlled. We have released full line-ups for W-CDMA and WiMAX base station systems from 10W to 180W devices as products from mass-production line.


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