An Ion-Implanted GaAs MESFET Process for 28V S-band MMIC Applications


M.J. Drinkwine, T. Winslow, D. Miller, D. Conway, B. Raymond


M/A-COM, Inc., 5310 Valley Park Drive, Roanoke, VA 24019

Phone:540 563-8600, E-mail:




†††† As an extension of M/A-COMís 10V MSAGTM power process, we have demonstrated an ion-implanted, MMIC-compatible, GaAs MESFET (HVMSAGTM) that utilizes a gate-connected field plate to enable improved high voltage operation. This high-voltage FET is capable of 1.5W/mm Pout and 60% PAE at S-band, operating from a 28V drain supply.The HVMSAG process has demonstrated four important features: proven reliability at 28V, full MMIC capability with demonstrated power scalability, low cost, and immediate production capability.


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