AlGaN/GaN MIS HEMT with AlN Dielectric


Chen Tangsheng,Jiao Gang,Li Zhonghui,Li Fuxiao,Shao Kai,Yang Naibin


Nanjing Electronic Devices Institute, P.O.Box 1601,Nanjing 210016, P.R.China, Phone:+862586858430



Keywords: AlGaN/GaN, HEMT, MIS, AlN, Microwave Power Transisitor



     AlGaN /GaN MIS HEMT with AlN dielectric which is deposited by  reactive sputtering is reported for the first time in this paper. With the addition of  gate recess and field plate configuration, the developed  0.4 μm AlGaN/GaN MIS HEMT reveals one order reduction in the gate leakage current up to -80 V drain-gate bias compared to the recessed Schottky gate HEMT and shows a current gain cut-off frequency and a maximum oscillation frequency of 30 GHz and 60 GHz respectively. The  multifinger device with 1 mm gate width delivers 6.1 W output power with 7.8 dB power gain and 40.3 % power-added efficiency  at frequency of  8 GHz and drain bias of  30 V.


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