SiC, sapphire and GaN materials status into Opto and RF businesses


Dr. Philippe ROUSSEL


YOLE DEVELOPPEMENT, 45 rue Sainte Genevieve, 69006 LYON, FRANCE. Tel: +33 472 83 01 86



Keywords: SiC, GaN, Sapphire, LED, Laser Diodes, 3G, WiMax, base stations



With more than 2.8 million 2 equivalent substrates consumption in 2005, LED business is driving 90% of SiC material and is representing about 2.5 million sapphire wafers. The emergence of bulk single crystal GaN will certainly take market shares over SiC and sapphire substrates, especially for high end devices like ultra HB-LEDs and blue laser diodes. In RF business, GaN HEMT and SiC MESFET are both competing for the base stations segment, targeting 3G, WCDMA, WiMax or even defense applications.


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