Low Power High-Speed Circuits with InAs-based HBT Technology


C. Monier, A. Cavus, R.S. Sandhu, A. Oshiro,

D. Li, E. Kaneshiro, D. Matheson, B. Chan, and A. Gutierrez-Aitken


Northrop Grumman Space Technology, Redondo Beach, CA 90278

e-mail: cedric.monier@ngc.com, Tel: (310) 812-6129



Keywords: HBT, metamorphic, InP, high indium composition, low power circuits, thermal resistance




High indium content In0.86Al0.14AS/In0.86Ga0.14As double heterojunction bipolar transistors (DHBTs) were grown on InP substrates using thin 6.0 metamorphic compositionally graded buffer layers. Good DC and RF characteristics have been demonstrated, with high gain (~30), breakdown voltage greater than 2.5 V, turn-on voltage reduction by a factor of two compared to existing InP bipolar technology, peak frequencies fT and fMAX exceeding 150 GHz (measured at low current without applying any voltage at the base- collector junction). Fully functional circuits with complexity ranging from 20 to 1100 transistors have been successfully demonstrated on thin 6.0 metamorphic buffers, with power dissipation reduced by a factor of 2 compared to equivalent circuits designed with InP.


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